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It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives. Climatic conditions and the favorable soil factors are indispensable in production of fine grapes for making exquisite quality wines therefore classic wines are associated with suitable regions


Origin Rhone: of France and later Flourish in Australia, spain,Argentina ltaly and united state knoun as "syrah"
color & Aroma:Deep Dark Purple Red and medium to full bodied wine with soft Tannins. Profile: let's youngr wine breathe and the thin rim lets wine flow into the tongue smoothly. When you Taste shiraz you willbe grated with punch of typical scent and flavors of black berries and plums. visualize the common Taste of typical shiraz on the opening palate than has a spicy peppery finish.
<Food pairings: All type of roasted grilled and smoked meat and chicken dishes, sheikh kabab. Garlic mashed potatoes & pizzas.
Serving Note: Allow to Breath before serving, Best serve at 17-19c

Cab - Shiraz

Origin : This wine and perfect blend of cabernet sauvignon and Shiraz both verities are found worldwide.
color & Aroma: wonderful Deep Cherry color coupled with ripe Tannins.
Profile: This cab-shiraz Dry Red wine has powerful nose with full range of soft red fruits. The Shiraz gives spicy character to the wine while cabernet contributes rich blank current flavor.
Food Pairings : It can be enjoyed its own or used to accompany a wide variety of fruits including Tandoor cooked dishes,Biryanis and milder spicy dishes.
Serving Note : Allow to Breath before serving, best serve at 16-20 c

Shiraz- cabernet

The wine : varietal character of Shiraz and cabernet sauvignon are nicely balanced in this blend.
Color & Aroma : The Deep Red color, The Bouquet has an exotic array of spice the full bodied palate. surprise after lead up.
Profile : Shiraz cabernet Red wineis beautifully hand crafted in small crushing allowing us to take painstaking care in the production.well structured and more power full on the mid palate. Great for lovers of big reds for long ageing.Length and intensity of character great balance and mouth feel yet complex rainbow of fruit aromas.
Food Pairings:Well suited with pastas, Lamb and beef Dishes.
Serving Note : Allow to Breath before serving, Best serve at 16-19 c

Cabernet sauvignon (Titari)

Origin:Boundreaux of France, Rioja of Spain and later ltaly and now found worldwide.
Color & Aroma:Deep Dark Red color with Complex aroma of black cherries.A Full bodied velvety textured wine.
Profile:Our cabernet is well planted at village-Titari.Low Yield Selectively harvested grapes makes it more complex and enhance its ability to aged more. it has smoothly texture and velvet finish. The acidity is relatively soft, medium dry and there is hint of oak in the background.
Food pairings: paired well with sandwiches, Mushroom pizzas, simple burgers with Blue Chesse. outstanding match with pork, Meatballs.
Serving Note: Taste better if you give it chance to breathe properly before enjoying.

Puzzle (Barrique wine)

The wine:This wine is made of best block of ambi vineyards. The best of cabernet sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot comes to you with unique Taste of "puzzle"
Color & Aroma :Deep Dark red color and Bouquet that resembles a touch of soft oak, Dark plum and violets.
Profile: It's a rare red wine that fills your glass with multi layered flavors and aromas accented by gentle tannins. this wine has rich deep and smooth flavors of juicy blackberry and Toasted oak. it is integrated with soft aromas of cherries and dash of spice.
Food Pairings :This wine Perfectly mach for medium to heavy dishes,pairs wonderfully rich with Red Pasta sauces,garden salads, pork, barbeques and grilled foods Accompanied well with Indian and Mexican spicy foods
Serving Note:This wine has different flavoe and man need decanting well.Best served as 17-21 c