About Ambi

It’s true that we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but it’s also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives. Climatic conditions and the favorable soil factors are indispensable in production of fine grapes for making exquisite quality wines therefore classic wines are associated with suitable regions


Through dedicated production and state of the art vinification we reveal our commitment to our customers to produce excellent wine for them


The AMBI's vision is to thrive as the wine and spirits industry's most admired organization while delighting consumers with unbeatable brand value and continuous innovation to consistently exceed their expectations.


Working in wine and food is a privilege. We believe the true measure of success is helping those who are less fortunate. we continuously lays emphasis on development of local communities and people

We Provide The Best Quality & Test From 30+ Years

About Ambi In 1982 the eminent personality and founder of ‘KISAN SABJI AND FAL UTPADAK SANGH’ (Farmer’s vegetable and fruit grower association) MR. AMBARAM PATIDAR the ‘Father of Grapes in M.P.’ planted the first plant of grapes. With the ambition of empowering farmer and creating co-operation in the society, he developed ‘Mutual Working Formula’ which resulted into the foundation of AMBI, a unique creation by farmers, for farmers. A group of small 18 families sat on choupal of village TITARI enjoying best viticulture climatic condition decide to set winery. After enjoying huge success ‘PRAGRATISHIL KRISHK CLUB’ has now ventured into ancient and exquisite art of wine making under the banner ‘PATEL WINE AND FRUIT PROCESSING INDUSTRIES’. These family members came together and made ‘AMBI FAMILY’. As rightly said, ‘once destiny gets unfolded according to the choices one makes’. They had made there choices and there destiny was the project of ‘AMBI’ which got unfolded.